Technology educators "Sharpen the Saw"

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Technology educators "Sharpen the Saw"

Voice: March 2017

During the Technology Engineering and Educators Association of Pennsylvania's annual conference in November, PSEA Executive Director Jim Vaughan addressed technology educators from across the commonwealth, and summarized what the next 18 months hold for public education and PSEA members. 

"Public education and its advocates are looking forward to what the future holds," Vaughan said. "There are lot of new challenges, ranging from the implementation of ESSA, to the continued struggle for adequate school funding, to a renewed focus on the importance of technology education."

For 64 years, TEEAP has given Pennsylvania's technology education/STEM educators and school administrators opportunities to "sharpen the saw," and update their skills. TEEAP's mission is to help technology educators keep instructional content, methods, and facilities current with the rapid changes in industry and technology. 

"It was a real pleasure to talk with committed technology educators at their conference," Vaughan said. "In today's fast-changing world, technology education is more important than ever, and TEEAP exists to make sure that technology educators are always on the cutting edge. It's a great organization."

During the conference, attendees heard presentations on groundbreaking projects and activities happening in classrooms across the state, had discussions with industrial and business professionals, and saw demonstrations of new technology products and software.