Richard W. Askey, candidate for PSEA treasurer

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Richard W. Askey, candidate for PSEA treasurer

Voice: March 2017

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since you gave me the honor of serving you, the 180,000 members of PSEA, as your state treasurer. I am grateful to work for a union that we can all be proud of.  It has also been an immeasurable privilege to work with members across the state to advocate for public education and our association.

As your treasurer, my most important goal is to help ensure the long-term fiscal stability of PSEA.  We will be facing challenges in the present political and legislative environment that may make it critical to protect the financial integrity of our organization. With your help, I remain optimistic that we can face these challenges and will fight the battles we need to fight.

As an organization, we must look for ways to increase our revenue, manage our expenses, reduce our debt and restore depleted reserves. As your treasurer, I will continue to remain faithful to this financial plan. It is because of these four components that we are presently in a positive financial position.  I believe that this plan will continue to guide us through any difficult times.

There is no doubt that the political climate in Pennsylvania and on the national level will bring us many challenges. The challenges will require us to be ever more diligent than in the past. We must look to ourselves and to our recently revised mission, vision, values and goals for our strength and to provide us with the needed perseverance. I was proud to work with you as so many PSEA members helped develop these revised goals. The result of this work has made our path clear.

Our mission statement tells us that it is our purpose to "promote, protect, and advocate."  Over the next few months, we will also need to look to our vision to be an "informed, engaged and collaborative union." Though it is the treasurer's prime responsibility to focus on financial resources, we must all concentrate on the engagement of our PSEA brothers and sisters. Working together as 180,000 informed and unified members, we can create a voice that will withstand the attacks on public education and labor but will also be a force of its own. 

As your treasurer, I have worked with my fellow officers, the PSEA Board of Directors, members throughout the state and our staff to ensure that our resources are here to support you.  That is my job.  Together, we are the strongest advocate for public education in Pennsylvania.

It is with gratitude that I thank you for allowing me to serve you as PSEA Treasurer.  I ask for your support as I run for a second term.  I thank you for all that you do each day in our schools. The jobs you do make my job worthwhile.