Debbie Lee, candidate for NEA state director

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Debbie Lee, candidate for NEA state director

Voice: March 2017

My name is Debbie Lee and I am writing this statement to ask for your vote and your support as I seek re-election to the NEA Board of Directors. I am asking you to allow me to continue to be your voice in Washington D.C. I know, and fully understand, the magnitude of my responsibilities as a PSEA/NEA leader. I will continue to represent all PSEA members at a state and national level. I am committed to ensuring that every PSEA/NEA member: EA, ESP, students, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and retired voices are heard.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Now more than ever it is time for change and for our voices to be heard! The current political climate of attacks on funding public education and the rights of employees are worsening. I believe in our power to collectively make the changes we seek and need. I trust in our power to create great things and make great things happen. We must have a voice at every table that has an impact on public education. I know the strength in our organization is our members, our numbers and our voices! Currently, as a member of the NEA Board, I have worked very hard to ensure that PSEA is well represented at the national level and that your voice is heard.

As a PSEA/NEA leader, it is my responsibility to be the voice of our members and the children we educate. As an NEA Director, I am committed to advocating for public education, its employees, understanding the issues that we face daily and challenging those who are desperately trying to deny and take away our rights and diminish the resources towards providing a free and appropriate education for public school children. I promise to make my voice heard to legislators, to remind them that education is each child's future, the hope of our nation.

During these challenging times my experience and the relationships that have been established with congressmen, senators and their staff can prove to be invaluable. With your vote and support, I will continue to be your voice, Pennsylvania's voice, as we battle Congress to support the reforms we know work and are needed. Help me continue to be your advocate for education on the national level by re-electing me to the NEA Board.

My advocacy for education emerges from my years as a classroom teacher. For the past eight years I have served as the President of the Abington Education Association and have successfully negotiated three contracts. Prior to this, I served as a building representative. I have been a Pennsylvania Delegate and have attended the NEA Representative Assembly since 2009. My participation in the Minority Leadership Training conferences, PSEA Political Institute, NEA Leadership Summit, the Higher Education conference, and ME region, NEA and PSEA Leadership trainings have expanded my knowledge base as an advocate for our membership. As a PSEA Board of Director and an NEA Board of Director I have served on State and National Education committees. The past three years have amplified my confidence, knowledge, experience and qualifications necessary to serve you and be your voice and battle for our public schools.

I would be honored to receive your support for re-election and to continue to represent you, PSEA, as an elected official to the directing body of the National Education Association. Thank you for your time and vote.