Meetings, conferences, and cancellations

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Meetings, conferences, and cancellations

PSEA meetings, conferences, and events

The May House of Delegates is POSTPONED. 

The PSEA Board of Directors voted on March 25 to postpone the May House of Delegates (May 15-16) due to the COVID-19 emergency.

The House of Delegates will be held in December 2020, and elections scheduled for the May House will be conducted at that time. PSEA will provide updated information about this in the near future. 

The following PSEA conferences, meetings, and events are being CANCELLED:

  • The Student PSEA Conference and Convention in Erie (April 2-4)
  • The Special Education Conference in State College (March 27-28)
  • Committee Meeting Weekend (March 27-28) - unless moved to a remote format
  • Committee Meeting Weekend (April 3-4) - unless moved to a remote format

The following PSEA conferences are also being POSTPONED and will hopefully be rescheduled soon:  

  • The PSEA-Retired House of Delegates (April 20-21)

PSEA regional events

  • Central-West Region
    Central-West HOD:  May 6, 2020 – POSTPONED

  • Eastern Region
    Eastern Region PSEA Scholarship Banquet and Awards Ceremony:  April 17, 2020 – CANCELLED
    Eastern Region HOD:  April 18, 2020 - POSTPONED

  • Southwestern Region
    All events in SW Region have been POSTPONED until further notice – this includes: HOD, Leadership Conference and any other events

  • Midwestern Region
    MWR DPS Conference:  March 19, 2020 – POSTPONED.  Date TBD.
    MWR HOD:  March 25, 2020 – POSTPONED.  Date TBD.
    MWR LDC:  March 27-28, 2020 – CANCELLED

  • Western Region
    WR Legislative Breakfast:  March 28, 2020 - CANCELLED
    WR House of Delegates:  April 15, 2020 – POSTPONED
    WR Retiree Meeting:  April 23, 2020 – CANCELLED

NEA meetings, conferences, and events

The 2020 NEA Representative Assembly will be conducted via a virtual platform on July 2-3 for approximately four hours each day. In-person elements of the NEA-RA will not be held this year. At this point, the only business to be covered will be the election of officers and at large board members, approval of the NEA budget, and a recommendation in the 2020 presidential campaign. All other business that would have been conducted during the NEA-RA will be delayed until the 2021 NEA-RA.

The following NEA conferences, meetings, and events are being CANCELLED:   

  • The National Leadership Summit in Orlando (March 13-15)  
  • The Higher Education Conference in Orlando (March 12-13)  
  • The NEA-Retired Conference in Orlando (March 15-16)  
  • The ESP Conference in New Orleans (March 20-22)   
  • The Uniserv Training in Seattle (March 23-27)
  • NEA/NCSEA Management Collective Bargaining Conference (March 10-11) 

The following NEA conferences are being POSTPONED and will hopefully be rescheduled soon:  

  • The 2020 New Educator Kick-off in Portland, OR (originally March 24-26)  
  • The Early Career Educator Group Training in Portland, OR (originally March 27-29)  
  • NCSEA Convening on Teacher Shortages (originally March 30-31)