Department of Career and Technical Studies (DCTS)

PSEA's Department of Career and Technical Studies (DCTS) is composed of Career and Technical Education teachers. DCTS executive board members are appointed by region presidents to serve as region representatives. The executive board also includes representatives from the seven sections of Career and Technical Education: Agriculture Education, Business Education, Distributive Education, Health Occupations, Family and Consumer Science, Technology Education, and Trade/Industrial Education.

DCTS identifies and addresses the concerns and issues which affect the professions of educators in these disciplines. These issues include the Carl D. Perkins Act, vocational certification, NOCTI testing, CTE State Subsidy funding, and other legislative issues that affect career and technical education. The DCTS president is a non-voting member of the PSEA Board of Directors.

DCTS Executive Board:

Central Region
Valerie Baker, Mifflin County Academy Sci/Tech

Central Region
Valerie Baker, Mifflin County Academy Sci/Tech

Central-Western Region
John Barrow, Brockway Area JSHS

Eastern Region
Chris Nappi, Berks Career and Technology Center

Mideastern Region
Colin Marsh, Bucks County Tech HS

Midwestern Region
Ani Meade, Artman Elementary School

Northeastern Region
David Namey (President), Wilkes-Barre Area CTC EA

Northwestern Region
Timothy Snair, General McLane High School

Southeastern Region
Phil Fuchs, Chester County IU #24

Southern Region
Thomas Ferrari, Ephrata Middle School

Southwestern Region
Brian Pegg, Central Westmoreland CTC EA

Western Region
Matthew Bornak, Forbes Road CTC

Agriculture Ed.
Kyle Norman, Brockway Area School District

Business Ed.
Ani Meade, Artman Elementary School

Distributive Education
John Shaner, Lehigh Career & Tech Center

Family and Consumer Sciences
Dorothy Liller, Altoona High School

Health Occupations
Susan Wienand, Delaware County Technical High School  

Technology Education
Thomas Ferrari, Ephrata Middle School  

Trade and Industrial
David Namey (President), Wilkes-Barre Area CTC EA

Collective Bargaining
Phil Fuchs

Retirement & Welfare
Ani Meade

Phil Fuchs

Thomas Ferrari

Brian Pegg

Professional Rights & Responsibilities
John Shaner

Rachel McCarron

Student Organization
Susan Wienand

PSEA-Retired Liaison
John Gomolak (Past President), Westmoreland County PSEA-Retired

Staff Consultant
Jeff Grinaway, Midwestern Region, New Castle


2015-16 Meetings
The Department Executive Board (region reps and section chairs) is scheduled to meet on the following committee weekends; October 9-10, 2015 and February 5-6, 2016. Section groups meet November 20-21, 2015, and April 8-9, 2016. An Executive meeting is scheduled for May 13-14, 2016.

Department Focus
Because all committees/departments/boards are part of PSEA's strategic planning process, each must submit an annual action plan outlining their activities at the state, region and local levels for the year.

For the school year, DCTS has outlined the following:

  • DCTS will monitor legislation and initiatives that pertain to career and technical education and provide information to DCTS representatives and to appropriate PSEA staff. DCTS and PSEA staff are working closely with the Bureau of Career and Technical Education as they move forward with their professional development initiatives designed to improve student scores and close the achievement gap for CTE students across Pennsylvania.
  • Monitor and advocate for increases in the yearly federal budget allocations as it applies to the federal Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.
  • Through PSEA, DCTS will seek to pass legislation which will extend the time allotted to achieve Vocational II certification; from 6 years to 8 years.
  • Advocate for increases in the state Vocational Subsidy. 






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