Job Opportunity: Staff Associate (Secretary)

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Job Opportunity: Staff Associate (Secretary)

Job Description


Job Title:                    Staff Associate (Secretary)


Location:                    Mechanicsburg Office, Southern Region


Division:                     Field Services


Reports to:                 Region Field Director and/or Professional Staff  


Starting Salary:         $55,616


Job Definition           

This position is secretarial work involving the performance of a broad range of office support tasks and functions. A major job responsibility includes responding to inquiries and requests for assistance that occur in person, by phone, mail, email or other means. This position is responsible for records and file maintenance, coordinating logistics for schedules and meetings, and production work. The job responsibilities are performed in accord with general instructions and established procedure, however much of the work is performed independently guided by the routine and structure of office operations. Work is typically reactive and driven by the needs of the office as they occur or as they are routinely scheduled or requested by professional staff.

Employees are fully equipped with secretarial skills needed to carry out the support needs of the office. Professional and administrative leadership is normally within close reach, or available within a reasonable time period, when problematic issues are encountered. General review of work is received on an ongoing basis and more detailed review occurs for new or unusual situations and changes in office practice.

Additional detail regarding specific requirements and responsibilities for each Staff Associate employee is outlined in a position description.


Responsibility Summary


  1. Receives telephone calls, screens them, and directs callers to appropriate staff.   Assists callers by providing and explaining information about general operations and procedures, or a professional’s availability. Arranges and sets-up conference calls.  Retrieves and responds to voice mail and email messages. Assists members with the schedules, logistics, and protocols of any proceedings, including region meetings, conferences, bargaining sessions, legal hearings, arbitrations, etc.


  1. Maintains various databases, lists, and records related to the tasks and work issues of  the activities supported or a professional’s responsibilities by adding, deleting, updating, and editing information received through correspondence, official records/documents, phone calls, emails, meetings, and/or discussions with staff, members, or others.


  1. Schedules, reschedules, and cancels appointments, meetings, hearings, arbitrations, training sessions, and luncheons for professional staff and records the individual’s name, location, date, time, and topic on their electronic (e.g., Outlook) and/or paper calendar.


  1. Creates and maintains (for efficient search) hardcopy and electronic files applicable to the activities and/or the professionals’ responsibilities that are supported.


  1. Assists with the preparation (drafting, typing, copying, and compiling) of meeting materials for committees, groups, bargaining teams, locals, work teams, etc., related to the professionals’ assignments or administrators’ operational functions.  Other preparation activities include: assembling membership data; obtaining distribution lists from appropriate sources; producing nametags, nameplates, rosters, program evaluation forms, and certificates; and drafting and/or assembling information packets, binders, agendas, flyers, brochures, charts, and graphs.


  1. Compose/create and/or type from written draft or dictation into final draft copy, including but not limited to, email, letters, memoranda, forms, contracts, briefs, presentations, reports, flyers, brochures, agendas, minutes, charts, and graphs.


  1. Proofreads varying types of materials including letters, memoranda, reports, contracts, minutes, agendas, brochures, bylaws, proposals, legal forms, and briefs to ensure that information is accurate, properly formatted, complete, and grammatically correct.


  1. Sorts, opens, date stamps, and delivers mail to appropriate staff in the office/division.  Answers select written inquiries relating to the status or timeline issues of the office/division’s work and their own position responsibilities. Delivers outgoing mail to the post office, replenishes postage, updates rates, etc. on postage meter as necessary.


  1. Reviews office invoices for accuracy and processes the invoices for payment by completing required forms which may include supplying payee information, account distribution, dollar amounts, and approval signatures.


  1. Assists professional staff at conferences, meetings, seminars, and training sessions by support for preparation, taking notes, working registration desks, and assisting with other logistical or records support duties.


  1. For legal matters, assists attorneys in preparing and compiling all needed documents for filing legal pleadings, the case files, and litigation preparation, in a timely and accurate manner, according to unique timelines, deadlines, and filing procedures imposed by various legal jurisdictions, courts, and forums.


  1. Coordinates and prepares various mailings to staff, members, locals, boards, vendors, etc. related to the professionals/division operations and/or office responsibilities that include obtaining copies of materials needed, assembling packets, and finalizing distribution details.


  1. Coordinates the logistics and scheduling of hearings, arbitrations, and litigation. Documents such events as necessary.


  1. Provides support and works within the parameters of the Document Management System.


  1. Operates office machines such as the computer, copier, printer, phone system, typewriter, fax machine, scanner, adding machine, calculator, postage meter, transcriber, video conference equipment, projector, etc.


  1. Researches and responds to general inquiries from staff, governance, members, locals, vendors, etc. related to office, division practices, services, procedures, and professional staff assignments.


  1. Uses software programs for the needed office support applications in Microsoft Office, database access functions that retrieve data from PSEA’s mainframe files and/or Dushane Legal Management System (DLMS) to generate data and produce schedules, tables, and reports.


  1. For legal matters, assists staff attorneys in the update of legal manuals and the law library.


  1. Determines supply needs for the office, orders supplies, obtains manager’s approval, faxes completed form to the proper supply company, reviews orders and invoices for accuracy when items are received, and stocks the supply cabinet.


  1. Takes and transcribes accurate (may be verbatim or summary as applicable) notes of dictation and transposes in typewritten form on a variety of letters, memoranda, reports, records, contracts, transmittals, minutes, agenda and other documents.


  1. May serve as the leave processor for the office which includes collecting individual leave slips, entering leave information into the leave system, researching and responding to inquiries from office staff regarding leave status, and reporting leave status to the leave administrator.


  1. Arranges travel accommodations for office staff including hotel, rental car, and public transportation/airline reservations.


  1. Arranges for the maintenance of the interior/exterior of the office building (if applicable) and office equipment by contacting the appropriate vendor/service company.


  1. Participates in the discussion and assists in the submission of budget items for building projects, equipment requisitions, and personnel requests and provides follow-through with approved items, which includes, but is not limited to, obtaining quotes, scheduling and supervising buildings projects, and reporting progress to Property Management.


  1. Troubleshoot technology issues contacting the Help Desk as necessary.


  1. In HQ, serves as back-up to the Receptionist.


  1. Maintains a petty cash account for the office and keeps a record of all transactions.


  1. Utilizes the detailed online voucher system.


  1. Performs other secretarial and clerical duties as assigned and pertinent to the specific area being supported (which may be delineated in a position description) to assure the orderly and effective operation of the organization.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • Knowledge of the specialized office procedures, practices, and process requirements which relate to the work functions.


  • Knowledge of standard office procedures, practices, conduct, and actions necessary in maintaining harmonious working relationships.


  • Knowledge of referencing sources such as journals, charts, records, manuals, guidelines, and contracts.


  • Knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation consisting of complex sentence structures, punctuation marks for word, number, sentence, phrase, and clause separation.


  • Knowledge of the types, organization, and use of various kinds of office files that are organized according to multiple indexing methods; and of the logs, forms, and letter formats used in consolidating information from numerous sources.


  • Skill in performing standard computer office applications and the ability to operate office machines such as the desktop computer, typewriter, adding machine, copier, postage meter, fax machine, phone system, video conference equipment, etc. and instruct others on their use.


  • Skill in taking and transcribing accurate, summary, or verbatim notes of dictation by recording information and transferring it into a proper/final copy.


  • Ability to communicate effectively in a business environment both orally and in writing.


  • Ability to exhibit good customer service traits, use tact and discretion in potentially confrontational situations, and use judgment in dispensing business-related information.


  • Ability to work independently and adapt to quick shifts in priority or service needs while following and conforming to established procedural routines.


  • Ability to plan and execute the schedules and logistics of meetings, seminars, sessions, etc. in a manner that ensures successful outcomes.


  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.


  • Ability to proof varying types of information for conformity with a prescribed pattern or form, to assure adherence to instructions and clerical office procedures, to maintain consistency of requirements, and for compliance with specific administrative or procedural rules.


Education, Experience, and Special Requirements


Three years of responsible secretarial/clerical experience and completion of high school is required. Post high school secretarial degree or related curriculum is preferred.



If you are interested in applying for this position, send a letter of interest and resume not later than September 13, 2019 to: or fax to 717-255-7005.


PSEA is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer