Administrative Services Admin

Joan Cromer Technical Assistant
Joseph Howlett Assistant Executive Director for Admin Services
Laura Piro Assistant Director of Administrative Services
Wendy Rulapaugh Director of Administrative Services – Tentative
Denise Rutledge Administrative Assistant
Maria Weik Technical Assistant


Dave Arva Artist and Graphics Coordinator
David Broderic Communications Manager
Cassie Davis Editor
Wythe Keever Assistant Director of Communications
Erica Keim Graphic Design and Multimedia Artist
Chris Lilienthal Editor
Mandy Nace Assistant Director of Communications
Ruth Nevling Staff Associate
John Troutman Editor

Education Services

Carla Claycomb Director of Education Services
Chris Clayton Assistant Director of Education Services
Bernie Miller Director of Education Services
Bonnie Myers Staff Associate
Stinson Stroup Education Services Manager

Executive Officers - Officers Admin

Rich Askey Treasurer
Dolores McCracken Vice President
Jerry Oleksiak President

Executive Officers - Support Admin

Dottie Becker Assistant to Governance
Tricia Lein Staff Associate

Executive Offices

Carolyn Jacoby Staff Associate
Jim Vaughan Executive Director
Sandra Williams Assistant to Executive Director

ESP Administration

Nate Greenawalt Director of Special Field Programs

Field - Allentown

Deb Bernecker Administrative Specialist
Terry Burnett UniServ Representative
Steve Cholish UniServ Representative
Bob Creveling Region Field Director
Barry DeWitt UniServ Representative
Antoinette Dorio Staff Associate
Cori Fecho Yanes UniServ Representative
Mark Lynn UniServ Representative
John McKiernan UniServ Representative
Molly Mirabito UniServ Representative
Jessica Sabol Region Advocacy Coordinator
Cindy Schellhamer Staff Associate

Field - Edinboro

Lou Kotzman UniServ Representative
Jeff Lewis UniServ Representative
Wendy Lipinski Administrative Assistant
Rob Myers UniServ Representative
John Revell Region Field Director
Marcus Schlegel Region Advocacy Coordinator

Field - Field Headquarters Admin

Patty Benedict Administrative Assistant
Charlie Brill Region Field Manager
Lisa Buettner Assistant Executive Director for Field Services
Tracy Gambelunghe Administrative Assistant
Candace Kuba Administrative Specialist
Susan Leed Convention Coordinator
Anne Mathewson Region Field Manager
Dave Petruzzi Region Field Manager
Dan Shuman Region Field Manager
Kelby Waltman Region Field Manager
Walt Wojcik Region Field Manager

Field - Hunker

Craig Apessos Region Field Director
Kathy Bell UniServ Representative
Stephanie Cramer UniServ Representative
Fritz Fekete Region Advocacy Coordinator
Teri Filson Staff Associate
Nicole Flaherty UniServ Representative
Colleen Imbriale UniServ Representative
Mary Ellen Jones UniServ Representative
Michelle Stonebraker Staff Associate
Lori Stripay UniServ Representative

Field - Indiana

Barb Henning Region Field Director
Joyce Mathewson Staff Associate
Annie Slezickey Region Advocacy Coordinator
Julie Smith UniServ Representative
Rob Smith UniServ Representative
Debbie Weaver Staff Associate

Field - Johnstown

Bobbie Bray Staff Associate
Butch Casti UniServ Representative
Keith Goodell UniServ Representative
Tim Tuinstra UniServ Representative

Field - Mechanicsburg

Lora Apaliski UniServ Representative
Marcia Bender Region Field Director
Matt Fargen UniServ Representative
Teresa Freeland Staff Associate
Gina Fritzinger Staff Associate
Carolyn Funkhouser UniServ Representative
Rhonda Jacoby UniServ Representative
Brian Koppenhaver UniServ Representative
CJ MaGilton UniServ Representative
Matt Monaghan UniServ Representative
Linda Peffley UniServ Representative
Lauri Rakoff Region Advocacy Coordinator
Bonnie Sanders Staff Associate
Rosemary Walker Staff Associate
Amy Wolfgang UniServ Representative

Field - Montgomeryville

Nisha Banerjee Region Advocacy Coordinator
Paul Gottlieb UniServ Representative
Brad Gross UniServ Representative
Greg Moll Region Field Director
Dustin Mott UniServ Representative - Temporary
Bonnie Neiman UniServ Representative
Rosemary Riley UniServ Representative
Kim Smith Staff Associate
Karen Stranz UniServ Representative
Jill Toy Staff Associate
Chris Wolf UniServ Representative
Amanda Wollert UniServ Representative

Field - New Castle

Justin Battalini UniServ Representative
Kelley Clouser UniServ Representative
Terri Francis Staff Associate
Jeff Grinaway UniServ Representative
Kristin Heasley Staff Associate
Terrie Holter UniServ Representative
Jackie Riggins Staff Associate
Corry Schachern UniServ Representative
Kim Wagner Region Advocacy Coordinator
Steve Wilson Region Field Director
Brooke Witt UniServ Representative

Field - Pittsburgh

Alisa Compeau UniServ Representative
Kelly Compeau UniServ Representative
Chrissy Cortazzo UniServ Representative
Matt Edgell Region Advocacy Coordinator
Paul Girdany UniServ Representative
Deb Goliwas Staff Associate
Liz Hrenda Region Field Director
Valerie Shuman Administrative Specialist
John Vresilovic Staff Associate
Janine Yodanis UniServ Representative

Field - Port Allegany

Terra Begolly UniServ Representative
Scott Carpenter UniServ Representative
Sandy Kiehlmeier Staff Associate

Field - State College

Jane Brubaker UniServ Representative
Bobbi Jo Chambers Staff Associate
Russell Dauberman UniServ Representative
Leslie Eisenhower Staff Associate
Lucy Harlow Region Advocacy Coordinator
Cary Kurtz UniServ Representative
Mike Lehmier Region Field Director
Gary Moore UniServ Representative

Field - West Chester

Tricia Audrain UniServ Representative
Candice Lane Staff Associate
Wendy Leary UniServ Representative
Shannon Moore UniServ Representative
Charlie Shaffer Region Field Director
Deb Vetro Staff Associate
Ruthann Waldie UniServ Representative
Zeek Weil Region Advocacy Coordinator

Field - Wilkes-Barre

Virginia Cowley UniServ Representative
Maureen Foster Staff Associate
Matt Gruenloh UniServ Representative
John Holland Region Field Director
Stu Karschner UniServ Representative
Bill Lydick UniServ Representative
Jim Maria UniServ Representative
Joanne Maurer Staff Associate
Mark McDade UniServ Representative
Bernadette McHugh UniServ Representative
Teri Moore Staff Associate
Paul Shemansky Region Advocacy Coordinator
Deborah Zabielski UniServ Representative

Field Headquarters Admin

Patty Benedict Administrative Assistant
Charlie Brill Region Field Manager
Lisa Buettner Assistant Executive Director for Field Services
Tracy Gambelunghe Administrative Assistant
Candace Kuba Administrative Specialist
Susan Leed Convention Coordinator
Anne Mathewson Region Field Manager
Dave Petruzzi Region Field Manager
Dan Shuman Region Field Manager
Kelby Waltman Region Field Manager
Walt Wojcik Region Field Manager

Financial Management

Judy Barkhimer Finance and Member Records Assistant
Sherilyn Brinley Finance and Member Records Assistant
Joy Drenning Payroll Specialist - Tentative
JR Sholder Finance and Member Records Assistant
Anne Marie Shuey Financial Management Analyst
Jim Steiber Financial Management Analyst
Julie Waltman Finance and Member Records Assistant
Jenny Wert Administrative Specialist

Government Relations

Veronica Biegen Staff Associate
Erika Brunelle Assistant Director of Government Relations
Michael Fleck Assistant Director of Government Relations
Jen Statler Assistant Director of Government Relations - Temp
Kelli Thompson Assistant Director of Government Relations
Daniel Wiedemer Asst. Executive Director for Government Relations
Beth Zampogna Assistant Director of Government Relations

Health & Welfare Fund

Nicole Gruber Health and Welfare Fund Assistant
Beth Krause Health and Welfare Fund Coordinator
John Semic Health and Welfare Fund Marketing Coordinator

Human Resources

John Abe Receptionist
Bill Gaskins Administrative Specialist
Lisa Lyter Assistant to Human Resources
Todd Park Assistant Executive Director For Human Resources
Cathy Smyth Administrative Assistant

Information Systems

Minerva Castro-Hernandez Network Administrator
Teresa Colgate Computer Operations Specialist
Andy Conley Help Desk Technical Assistant
Ed Coy Operations Assistant
Randy Gardner IT Business Operations Coordinator
Doug Good IT Support Coordinator
Holly Gorman Systems Analyst-Programmer
Cindy Hake Asst Executive Director for Information Technology
Jim Karom Network Analyst
Drew McCormack Systems Analyst-Programmer
Cliff Miller Network Analyst
Michael Mitrovic Systems Analyst-Programmer
Julie Nace Help Desk Technical Assistant
Jim Pendleton Assistant Director of Systems and Development
Jeff Salzman Systems Analyst-Programmer
Daron Smith Systems Analyst-Programmer

Legal - Eastern

Olivia Miller Staff Associate
Jesika Steuerwalt Staff Attorney

Legal - Mideastern

Chuck Herring Staff Attorney
Kathy Lubienski Staff Associate

Legal - Midwestern

Barbara Olcott Staff Associate
Katie Voye Staff Attorney

Legal - Northeastern

Jeff Husisian Staff Attorney
Aprile Jordan Staff Associate

Legal - Northwestern

Debbie Brace Staff Associate
Dick McEwen Staff Attorney

Legal - Southeastern

Annemarie Dwyer Staff Attorney
Angela Natale Staff Associate

Legal - Southwestern

Valerie Jones Staff Associate
Leslie Kitsko Staff Attorney

Legal - Western

Krista Bradley Associate Staff Counsel
Chris Lentz Staff Associate
Mary Jo Miller Staff Attorney

Legal Headquarters

Raziya Brumfield Associate Staff Counsel
Rick Burridge Legal Field Manager
Jan Cline Technical Assistant
Leslie Collins Staff Attorney
Laurel McLeaish Staff Attorney
Lynda Meinke Staff Attorney - Temporary
Meredith Millard Associate Staff Counsel
Jody Mooney Staff Attorney
Tina Smith Administrative Assistant
Lynne Wilson General Counsel
Wendi Witherow Staff Associate

Member Benefits

Sue Clippinger Administrative Assistant
Joe Thayer Benefits Manager

Printing & Distribution

James Gamble Mailing Operations Specialist
Doug Goff Production Aide
Lorraina Mosko Production Aide

Program Services Administration

Dave Wazeter Assistant Executive Director for Program Services

Property Administration

Haydee Ayon Custodian
Jim Brown Head Custodian
Josh Demko Building Maintenance Assistant
Holly Hess Custodian
Steve Sands Facilities Specialist


Elaine Easton Staff Associate
Eric Elliott Dir of Research for School Funding and Finance
Tracy Gardner Research Assistant
James Henninger-Voss Assistant Director of Research
Ryan Markel Supplemental Help
Dan Mercer Assistant Director of Research
Chris Rupnow Assistant Director of Research
Jon Schmehl Research Specialist
Harris Zwerling Assistant Director of Research

Retired Administration

Steve Nickol Assistant Director of PSEA Retirement Programs


If a PSEA member contacts, by email or other means, a PSEA attorney who has not been assigned to represent that member, that contact does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Since there is no attorney-client relationship, any information provided to the attorney may not be treated as confidential and may be subject to disclosure due to other ethical obligations of the attorney. The PSEA Legal Services Policy provides eligible members with legal advice and representation on employment-related legal problems. To apply for legal assistance a member must first contact his or her UniServ Representative to obtain an application for legal services. The member should not contact a PSEA attorney directly regarding any legal matter or send the attorney any confidential information before that attorney is assigned to represent him or her.

Member Advocacy Center

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