Northeastern Region RCPE/Act 48 Courses

Sessions are open to PSEA members only. Pre-registration, at least one week prior to each session, is required.  Space is limited.  First come, first served. There is a $10.00 refundable registration fee.  Refunds will be issued when you attend the session.  If you fail to cancel and are a “no-show”, the $10 will not be refunded.  You may use the same $10 for multiple sessions. However, if you are a no-show for any session, you are automatically charged a registration forfeiture fee of $10 and will need to pay an additional $10 registration fee for the remaining sessions.  Dinner is included and will be served at 5:00 p.m.  Sessions immediately follow.  In the event of inclement weather, please call PSEA at 1-800-432-8619 or  570-208-1149 for cancelation information.   More »

Northeastern Region PSEA now on Facebook

The Northeastern Region PSEA now has a Facebook group. Check us out and "Join the group" today!  Visit to sign up for a free account (if you don't already have one) and seach groups for Northeastern Region PSEA.   More »

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September 2015

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September 08 - NE Reg Council II Mtg More »
September 10 - Core Mtg More »
September 10 - NE Reg Council IV Mtg More »

Chester Upland community thanks educators for working without pay

Educators, parents, and community leaders welcomed Chester Upland students back to school with bell-ringing ceremonies on the first day of classes to say thank you and show support for educators and support professionals who agreed to work without pay.  More »

PSEA officers Oleksiak, McCracken, Askey begin new terms

PSEA President Jerry Oleksiak, Vice President Dolores McCracken, and Treasurer Rich Askey began two-year terms as officers on September 1.  More »

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