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Midwestern Region would like to publicize the great things happening in your local.  For example, has one or more of your members been recognized for something special?  Have you just completed a community outreach project?  Or is your local stuck  More »

Pension attacks are back

As Gov. Wolf and legislators get closer to shaking hands on a final budget deal, some lawmakers are still pushing for changes to the state's public pension systems that would force new PSEA members into a plan that includes a 401(k)-type account and that would make some changes to the retirement benefits of current employees.  More »

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December 02 - Budget Comm Mtg More »
December 02 - MW RCPE Wkshp More »
December 04 - December 05 - IPD Council More »

Recognizing education support professionals

Wednesday, Nov. 18 is Education Support Professionals Day, part of American Education Week. PSEA thanks education support professionals for everything they do to make Pennsylvania's public schools great.  More »

PSEA-Retired surpasses 30,000 member mark

This year, more than 30,000 retired educators carry PSEA-Retired membership cards - a major milestone for the Association.  More »

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