State budget comes down to the wire in Harrisburg

State legislators in Harrisburg are debating the state budget, pension legislation, and a variety of other issues of importance to PSEA members. PSEA will update this page throughout the weekend as news becomes available.  More »

PSEA members speak up for schools at the state Capitol

PSEA Advocates for Children and Education (ACEs), Building Action Coordinators (BACs), and Local Presidents visited legislators' offices to talk with them about school funding, school employee pensions, and other proposed legislation that impacts schools and students across the state.   More »

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Proposed bill ties educator furloughs to evaluation scores

State representatives just advanced a bill that would make it easier to furlough experienced educators and based high-stakes furlough decisions on a new, untested educator evaluation system.  More »

Pension bills fail to address the real problem

After underfunding school employee pensions for more than a decade, Pennsylvania lawmakers are now considering legislation that asks teachers, bus drivers, nurses, and state workers to pay for Harrisburg's past mistakes.  More »

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