Meet the winners of the 2015 PSEA Celebrating Excellence Awards

Pennsylvanians care about public schools and their communities - and PSEA's Celebrating Excellence Awards celebrate these outstanding individuals and organizations each year. Meet this year's honorees.  More »

Partnering with parents to inspire love of the arts

Music and the arts are a critical part of a well-rounded education. They introduce creativity and innovative thinking into day-to-day learning, and have been found to increase students’ social and emotional skills and competencies, including teamwork, confidence, communication, and leadership.  More »

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August 17 - August 21 - Union School More »
August 24 - ME Reg CAPS Wrkgrp More »
September 10 - Core Mtg More »

Here's what's happening in Harrisburg

State legislators in Harrisburg are debating the state budget, pension legislation, and a variety of other issues of importance to PSEA members. PSEA will update this page throughout the weekend as news becomes available.  More »

Pension bill fails to address the real problem

After underfunding school employee pensions for more than a decade, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed legislation that asks teachers, bus drivers, nurses, and state workers to pay for Harrisburg's past mistakes. The bill is now on Gov. Tom Wolf's desk for consideration.  More »

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