School Performance Profiles distort the picture of student achievement

For the second year in a row, Pennsylvania School Performance Profiles are little more than a source of confusion and frustration for school districts and educators.  More »

NEA vice president celebrates American Education Week at Pa. school

NEA Vice President Becky Pringle had a homecoming of sorts during this year's American Education Week celebration, when she returned to the Western Pennsylvania elementary school where she completed her student teaching in the 1970s. Pringle joined PSEA President Mike Crossey to visit classrooms and read to students at Turner Elementary School in Wilkinsburg.  More »

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Recognizing education support professionals

Wednesday, Nov. 19 is Education Support Professionals Day, part of American Education Week. PSEA thanks education support professionals for everything they do to make Pennsylvania's public schools great.  More »

Reflections on American Education Week

For the past three years, I've traveled across Pennsylvania, and I've heard thousands of people talk about the funding crisis in their public schools. I've been struck by those conversations, because they almost always end the same way. The person I'm talking with asks me, "Can't we do better?"  More »

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