Mideastern Region's 2014 Fall Leadership Conference at Seaview

Registration is now open for PSEA Mideastern Region's 2014 Fall Leadership Conference at Seaview. Nov. 7-9, 2014.  More »

York community rallies against the corporate takeover of public schools

This fall, the York City School Board will decide whether to hand over the education of every child in the city to a private charter operator. York Concerned Clergy and the NAACP are standing with educators, parents, and community members to speak out against a planned corporate takeover of the York City School District.  More »

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September 25 - September 26 - Rosh Hashanah More »
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Gov. Corbett calls for continued public review of state academic standards

Just a year after praising the passage of Pennsylvania Core Standards, the state's adaptation of national Common Core academic standards, Gov. Tom Corbett is calling for "continued public review" of English-language arts and math standards in elementary and secondary schools. The announcement leaves school administrators and educators scrambling to determine next steps, now that Gov. Corbett appears to be backing away from his administration's own policy.  More »

PSEA Report: Poorest students pay biggest price for school funding cuts

A new PSEA research report finds that Gov. Tom Corbett's nearly $1 billion in school funding cuts have hurt Pennsylvania’s poorest school districts and its neediest students the most, with larger classes and a drop in student achievement on standardized test scores.  More »

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