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School Nurse
PSEA's Department of Pupil Services (DPS) supports members in a variety of professions, including School Dental Hygienists, School Counselors, Home and School Visitors/School Social Workers, School Nurses and School Psychologists.

DPS members are also members of local associations in their respective school districts. DPS encourages professional growth and development for its members, advances public education and promotes cooperation with other groups in education and the community for the best services to youth.

Department Information

Save the Date: August 3-4, 2016 

16th Annual PSEA DPS Conference

School Employee Evaluations: Resources for Non-Teaching Professionals 

Approved Rubrics

Guiding Questions to support dialogue between specialist and supervising administrator

Professional Resources 

DPS members can find additional, up-to-date professional information in our e-newsletter, The Specialist

Issues and Advocacy

Certification & Policy Guidelines 


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