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Professional Rights & Responsibilities information for educators.

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Emerging Issues in Education: Achievement Gaps

Anytime one group of students achieves less than other groups of students, and the difference is not attributable to innate differences, an “achievement gap” exists. The economic and social consequences of these gaps are staggering, as gaps that emerge in very early childhood directly impact the economic and civic roles that individuals assume throughout life. Consequently, reducing achievement gaps has become a major equity issue in the school reform movement.

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Emerging Issues in Education: High School Change in PA

Over the last five years, more than $1 billion of public and private funds have been invested in efforts to “transform American high schools.” PSEA encourages all members to be involved from the beginning in all aspects of school change. To help you get started, this issue brief includes basic information about the status of high school change, both nationally and in Pennsylvania.

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PSEA Guide to School Improvement Planning

This resource has been developed by PSEA to help local school entities engage in effective school improvement planning as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. PSEA is pleased to provide its members with this resource and encourages its use by all members, particularly those who are involved in local efforts at school improvement planning.

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