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  • PSEA's Guide to School Improvement Planning
    This resource has been developed by PSEA to help local school entities engage in effective school improvement planning as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. PSEA is pleased to provide its members with this resource and encourages its use by all members, particularly those who are involved in local efforts at school improvement planning.
  • School Reforms That Work
    Information about Professional Development, Early Childhood Education, and other school reform programs that have proven effective.
  • Student Achievement is More Than Academic
    Public school accountability proposals often confuse symptoms with diagnosis. There is considerable evidence to suggest that student low achievement is a symptom of deeper issues related to student health and well-being. In other words, policymakers may need to consider the idea that the "root cause" of academic achievement problems may not be in the academic content instruction. For example, the issues below suggest just a few of the many indicators of child health and well-being that impact student learning.
  • Foundations for Success - Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel
    The National Mathematics Advisory Panel was created by President George W. Bush in April 2006 to advise the nation on ways to foster greater knowledge and improved math performance among elementary and secondary students. President Bush’s charge to the Panel included many tasks, but central to the work of the Panel was an emphasis on preparation for and success in Algebra I and II. The Panel was also charged to develop conclusions based upon existing research and to highlight areas where research is needed. 

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