Benefits of PSEA Membership

PSEA advocates for all members, their professions, strong schools, successful children, and vibrant communities. PSEA members help students and communities benefit from the power of a great education. Our members are the unrecognized, everyday heroes of society—striving to ensure all children have a bright future.

Members’ dedication to their students benefits all of society. Strong schools make strong communities. Teachers and education support professionals are partners in ensuring the success of their students. PSEA and our local associations create positive working environments for members.

Your union stands with you at every step of your career, making sure you have the support you need to do your job. PSEA protects your rights, ensures fair and competitive compensation, advocates for you with elected officials, and provides discounts on services and products that you use. PSEA promotes, defends, and fights for what is right for every member and for public education.

Belonging to PSEA is a statement of commitment to provide a great education for every student, and to advocate for members’ compensation and benefits. PSEA shares that commitment by supporting members in all job categories, because every one of you is critical to the success of education and PSEA.

Whether you’ve belonged to PSEA for a while or are a newcomer, PSEA has a wealth of services and programs just for you.

Your economic future and security

PSEA provides your local with research and guidance with bargaining. Contact your local association or your PSEA UniServ representative.

Each year, public officials consider laws and regulations restricting and limiting our professional lives. PSEA and NEA advocate on your behalf in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. for increased funding for public schools, public employee pensions, and collective bargaining rights, as well as working to prevent bad policies such as taxpayer-funded school vouchers and merit pay.

Your retirement
PSEA and NEA staff lobby the state Legislature and Congress for retirement benefits for members, while monitoring the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS). Call 1-800-944-PSEA (7732) to speak with PSEA’s retirement specialist.

Saving you money
A vast array of economic discounts are available to PSEA members through the Member Benefits Program:

  • Low-cost mortgages
  • Car, home, and life insurance plans
  • Reduced-rate & cash back  credit cards
  • Special discounts on a host of products, including travel, vision, cars, cell phones, publications, printer ink, and so much more
  • Access Card discounts—The Access Card gives you discounts on groceries, dining, hotels, recreation and entertainment, auto rentals, and more. 

Your rights

Our professional staff and attorneys work with your local association to ensure that your rights under your contract and state and federal laws are protected. Your access to this service is through your local association and your PSEA UniServ staff.

  • Your professional rights—We provide members with professional advocacy before the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Professional Standards and Practices Commission. Contact your PSEA UniServ Representative. You can speak with a specialist in the Education Services Department at 1-800-944-PSEA (7732).
  • Your personal legal rights—We provide you with reduced-cost personal legal services through a statewide network of attorneys. Contact your PSEA UniServ representative.

Your job

  • Professional development—Opportunities to earn credits through PSEA’s endorsed providers:
    Performance Learning Systems, Canter, and Gannon University courses. We offer training to help instructional paraprofessionals meet the 20-hour requirement under Chapter 14. Learn more about these programs here.
  • Liability insurance through the Educators' Employment Liability Insurance program.Communication and information
    PSEA provides timely, relevant information to members in a variety of ways.

Communication and information

  • Print publications—Both PSEA and NEA provide you with information on critical issues affecting you and your profession. All members receive Voice, PSEA’s all-member magazine (published six times a year), and NEA Today (published eight times a year).
  • Electronic publications—To subscribe to the many informative email publications from PSEA, go to www.psea.org, and select Publications.



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