Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Congress is working on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Under the current version of the law, known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), we have endured13 years of unworkable rules, goals, and standardized testing,

This is our chance. Reauthorization gives us the opportunity to reduce standardized testing, allow our teachers to teach, ensure students have access to high quality programs, and properly allocate resources.

Learn more about this important opportunity, and TAKE ACTION by contacting your member of Congress.

Reauthorization updates:

March 2: On Friday, the U.S. House delayed a final vote on its Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization bill, and it’s unclear when it will be rescheduled. However, U.S. Senators are busy working on their own version of an ESEA reauthorization bill, and it's important that educators make their voices heard.  

Take Action:

Make your voice heard. Contact your representative in Congress, Sen. Bob Casey Jr. and Senator Pat Toomey, who are all playing key roles in the reauthorization process. Tell them to reduce standardized testing and give teachers the freedom to teach.

Make a phone call: Find information here.

Send an email today:

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Key goals for reauthorization:

  • Reduce Standardized Testing. NCLB more than doubled the number of high-stakes tests in reading and math. The preparation and administration of these tests causes significant loss in instructional time. This is time that should be spent teaching and learning.
  • Allow Teachers to Teach. Teachers need to be allowed to focus on what is most important: student learning and achievement. 
  • Collect Data on Students’ Access to Resources. Data collection should focus on identifying whether students have access to programs and resources that support learning, such as the availability of advanced coursework, high-quality early education programs, and specialized instructional personnel.
  • Properly Allocate Resources. In Pennsylvania, there is a school funding crisis, which has hit our poorest school districts hardest. The federal government must uphold its responsibility to ensure equal educational opportunity and provide every child with a chance for success.

How can we learn more?

Review PSEA’s talking points on ESEA and check out NEA's resources. PSEA will continue to post updates on the reauthorization process as information becomes available.






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