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Student PSEA: Top 10 benefits of membership...

1. Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Coverage 

Protect yourself and your career with EEL Coverage. This insurance provides up to $1 million in damages assessed against you as a result of civil suits brought while you are/were a college student in a teaching or related activity as required by your educational program. Learn more... 

2. Scholarships

Student PSEA members are eligible to compete for scholarship money through the PSEA Lucy A. Valero Scholarship and the NEA-Retired: Jack Kinnaman Scholarship. The Montgomery County chapter of PSEA-Retired also provides a scholarship to graduates of a Montgomery County high school who are enrolled in a college or university program leading to an instructional certificate.

3. Networking

Share ideas, concerns, successes, fears, and job leads with student members from across the state and nation. Start building relationships with active local leaders... relationships that may be helpful when job seeking!

4. Grant Opportunities

Student PSEA chapters can apply for up to $1,000 to fund local community outreach efforts through NEA’s CLASS Grants (Community Learning Through America's Schools). Student Organizing Assistance and Resources (SOAR) Grants are also available for membership recruitment. Learn more...

5. Professional Development

Learn about new strategies and methods for teaching and share tips that you have learned along the way. Hear from new and veteran teachers about the issues facing public education and classroom teachers. Opportunities exist at the chapter and region levels through the EDGE speakers program. At the statewide level we also offer the Student PSEA Conference and Convention.

6. Leadership Development

Opportunities to serve at the local, region, state or national level. Represent your colleagues at the PSEA House of Delegates, the NEA-Representative Assembly, or the NEA Student Leadership Conference.

7. Multi-Year Discounts

Did you know that you can save money on your dues by joining for more than one year?  Pennsylvania is one of only a handful of states that offers a multi-year discount, saving you as much as $30.  It’s like buying three years and getting the fourth free!

8. NEA Student Rebate

NEA will refund you $20 for each year you were a student program member (up to four years) when you join a state union in your first year of eligibility and remain a member for the entire year. Learn more...

9. Free subscription to Instructor magazine

Join your peers and keep current on what’s next with the latest strategies for new and experienced teachers - lesson plans, opinions, advice, reviews, survival guides, and more! Visit the Instructor magazine website for more info.

10. Savings! Savings! Savings!

Recoup the cost of membership several times over by taking advantage of the many Member Benefits that are available to you. Local and national discounts for travel, entertainment, restaurants, retailers, cell phones, computers, and so much more! Learn more...



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