Upcoming PSEA Events & Conferences

PSEA hosts a number of statewide events and conferences each year. This section provides useful information for conference attendees, and PSEA members who are interested in more professional development opportunities and ways to get more involved with PSEA.

2013-2014 Events & Conferences:

  • October 25-26: PSEA Collective Bargaining Conference
  • December 6-7: PSEA House of Delegates
  • January 10-12: PSEA Political Institute
  • March 14-15: PSEA Minority Leadership and Women's Leadership Training Conference
  • April 4-6: Student PSEA Conference
  • May 2-3: ESP House of Delegates and Workshop
  • May 5-6: PSEA-Retired House of Delegates
  • May 15: PSEA Celebrating Excellence Dinner
  • May 16-17: PSEA House of Delegates
  • July 20-25: PSEA Summer Leadership Conference at Gettysburg College









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