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We can protect our schools, our students, our communities, and our profession - if every PSEA member goes All In. 

Every PSEA member can contribute. Every member can make a difference to protect our schools and professions. 

The All In logo is a call to action.

Support pro-public education candidates: Find PSEA's Voter Toolkit at

Speak up for public schools:

Oppose Gov. Corbett's school funding gimmicks.  Send an email now.

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Oppose Gov. Corbett's latest pension attack targeting women and new employees. Send an email now

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Tell legislators to oppose bills prohibiting voluntary payroll deduction. Send an email now

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Tell state legislators to oppose House Bill 1741, legislation which would require school boards to publicly post summaries of tentative contract agreements 48 hours prior to voting on them. Send an email now

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Say NO to a statewide authorizer for charter schools: Email your state senator NOW. Urge him/her to vote "NO" on Senate Bill 1085.

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