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PSEA members can make a difference for our students and public education in Pennsylvania by reaching out to state legislators about policies that impact public education. Use the links below to contact your legislators about current issues. 

Educator furloughs: State representatives advanced a bill that would make it easier to furlough experienced educators and based high-stakes furlough decisions on a new, untested educator evaluation system. Find background information here.

Tell your representative to oppose House Bill 805. 

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School employee pensions: State senators passed legislation that would force current school employees to pay MORE for the pension benefits they've earned and paid for, and force new employees into a convoluted, 401(k)-type plan. Find background information and a phone script here. The bill now goes to the state House for consideration.

Tell state representatives to oppose Senate Bill 1.

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School funding: Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed state budget includes a $500 million increase for basic education and special education. Find background information here.

Urge state legislators to support the governor's plan to increase school funding.

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Payroll deduction: Tell state legislators to oppose bills that would prohibit voluntary payroll deduction of Association dues. 

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Additional ways to take action:

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