Keep the Promise: Protect School Employee Pensions

Legislative Updates:
April 9: 
One of Gov. Tom Corbett's allies unveiled plans for a new pension bill that would disproportionately hurt retirement benefits for women and new school employees.

Rep. Mike Tobash is seeking co-sponsors for pension legislation that would force all new employees into an inferior pension plan, with benefits 50 percent lower than most current employees. In addition, all school employees who return after a break in service (for childrearing leave or other circumstances) would also be forced into this new, inferior plan.

Tell state representatives to oppose this legislation.

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February 4: Gov. Tom Corbett unveils his proposed state budget for 2014-2015. The governor's pension plan shrinks the state's and school districts' payments to PSERS, putting part of these payments on a credit card, costing taxpayers billions more in the long run, and jeopardizing YOUR retirement security. 

This is the same "rob Peter to pay Paul" approach that started the pension problem in the first place, and a practice that the administration criticized just last year.

Email your state legislators, urging them to oppose the governor's plan to underfund PSERS.

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The Keystone Research Center recently released a series of short “pension primers” to explain complex details at the heart of the pension debate. Find the complete set of primers at

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