Human and Civil Rights

This page includes information on Human and Civil Rights issues, as well as Association resources aimed at achieving PSEA’s strategic objective of advancing racial, economic and gender equity in Pennsylvania’s public schools and within the Association.

PSEA’s Minority Affairs Committee and PSEA’s Bylaw 3.1(g) Task Force have the lead responsibility for identifying issues and resources that support this strategic objective. Items on this page may include, but are not limited to: NEA and PSEA Awards Program Applications, information about PSEA Human and Civil Rights Award winners, relevant articles on human and civil rights issues.

Each year, as required by NEA Bylaw 3.1 (g), PSEA develops a plan to strengthen that integration and involvement. Bylaw 3.1 (g) was adopted by the NEA Representative Assembly soon after NEA’s merger with the American Teacher Association in 1966. Its goal is to encourage states to send delegates to the RA who reflect the percentage of ethnic minorities in the general population of each state. Based on the 2000 census figures, 16 percent of Pennsylvania’s residents identify themselves as ethnic minorities. Therefore, PSEA’s goal for ethnic minority representation at the NEA RA is 16 percent of the delegation. Learn more...  


Celebrating Excellence: Human and Civil Rights Awards



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