March 11, 2009

Save the Scotland School

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside of Harrisburg’s state Capitol on March 11 for a rally to save the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children. In the governor’s February budget address, funding for the Scotland School, along with funding for the Scranton School for the Deaf, was cut from the state budget.

Scotland Rally1

Parents, students, and alumni of the Scotland School joined Scotland School EA President Jean Vargas, EA member Lindsay Leonard; State Senators Leanna Washington and Vincent Hughes; State Representatives Ronald Waters, Mark Cohen, and Rob Kauffman; Pennsylvania veterans’ groups and other supporters to rally to restore the school’s funding.

Lindsay LeonardLeonard spoke on behalf of the EA members of the school, discussing the importance of the school to its students and the veterans’ community, and highlighting the students’ successes during their time at the Scotland School.

Jean VargasThe rally preceded a joint hearing of the Senate & House Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committees. Scotland School EA President Jean Vargas gave testimony at the hearing in support of funding for the school, along with SSCV administration, parents, alumni, and representatives of veterans’ groups.

In her testimony, Vargas stressed the important mission of the school. “Since 1895, sending a child to the Scotland School has been a privilege Pennsylvania’s veterans have earned by placing themselves in harm’s way for the protection of the citizens of this Commonwealth. Even as the fate of the school hangs in the balance, Pennsylvania’s sons and daughters are risking their lives in combat zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and serving honorably in other parts of the world. This spring, some of the members of the 2009 graduating class of the Scotland School will join them.

“What an irony it will be if - for the first time since 1894 - these young men and women will go off to war without the promise of this haven for their own children, should they need it.”

35 PSEA members work at the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children. For more information about the school and to learn about their advocacy efforts, visit

Pictured: At left, EA member Lindsay Leonard. At right, EA President Jean Vargas





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