September 1, 2008

Welcome to the new

PSEA enters a new era of electronic communications and service to members with the new, improved On this site, you will find a revamped, reorganized design. We've also expanded information, resources, and interactive features for our members. provides you with more information and resources on education issues, resources for your profession, and benefits of PSEA membership.

Visitors to the new website will find that every category of membership has a special section just for them. Teachers, ESP members, Student-PSEA members, PSEA-Retired members, new members, higher education members, pupil services members, and health care employees can find a wealth of information on the top navigation bar of the new site.

A brand new section, MyVoice, gives members the opportunity to comment on Voice articles, to download podcasts, to find our e-newsletters, participate in polls and surveys, and much more. Visit the MyVoice section to make sure YOUR voice is heard by other PSEA members.

As PSEA expands and improves its new site, member feedback is essential to make sure the website features the issues and resources most important for you to be successful in your careers. Visit to tell us what you think of the new website, and what resources you’d like to see developed in the coming months.’s expanded content and fresh, vibrant design reflects our ever-changing organization and its bright future. Take advantage of the new resources created for you on

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