Webinar: Developing the Levels of Phonological Awareness in the Preschool Classroom

In collaboration with the Parent Education Network (PEN), PSEA is pleased to announce this training opportunity for professional and paraprofessional members of PSEA on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 5:00 p.m.  More »


Verizon Wireless increases discount

Verizon Wireless increased the PSEA member discount from 18 to 20 percent, effective July 31.           More »


Community rallies to Pennsbury ESP cause

Frank Arcoleo has never belonged to a union. He doesn’t know anyone in the Pennsbury ESPA. And as a business consultant, he has no professional involvement with any labor organization. But he knows wrong when he sees it. And what he sees in the Pennsbury School Board’s attempt to outsource services is “nothing more than an ideological agenda. It’s bust the union at all costs."  More »


Video: Kids, Cuts, and Consequences

Across Pennsylvania, PSEA members are talking about the consequences Gov. Tom Corbett’s unprecedented school funding cuts are having on the students they teach. Through the Kids, Cuts, and Consequences project, PSEA members are sharing their stories and describing the impact of these devastating cuts.  More »


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