How state budget cuts affect your district

In 2011, Gov. Tom Corbett slashed nearly $1 billion from Pennsylvania's public schools, creating a school funding crisis that is getting worse every year these funds are not restored.

Despite the governor's steadfast refusal to raise new revenue to fill the funding hole he created, legislators found a way to increase education funding modestly in the final 2014-15 budget. Unfortunately, the funding increase will be distributed with strings attached through the governor's "Ready to Learn" block grant – rather than through the basic education subsidy, the primary mechanism through which school districts receive state funding.

Average School Funding Cuts Per Student: 2010-11 -- 2014-15PSEA members were successful in convincing lawmakers to loosen many of the strings Gov. Corbett wanted to attach to the use of these grant funds, making the program more flexible for school districts. Still, much more needs to be done to allow districts to restore programs that work for students and the more than 20,000 jobs that have been cut over the past three years. This is especially true for the state's poorest school districts, which have borne the brunt of school funding cuts since 2011.

Use the menus below to find school funding amounts for every year since 2010-11. The numbers reflect only the funding that directly supports classroom instruction, the commonly accepted method of showing these allocations. Learn more here.

You may see calculations elsewhere that include state funding for transportation and other items not directly related to classroom instruction.

2015-2016 proposed data will be available soon.

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