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Partners for Public Education

Across Pennsylvania, PSEA members are asking friends, family, and community leaders to join Partners for Public Education. Learn more about the Partners for Public Education program and how you can participate.   More »

Member Spotlight

For Clovis Gallon, the fight for York City schools is more than protecting public education. 


Partnering with parents to inspire love of the arts

Music and the arts are a critical part of a well-rounded education. They introduce creativity and innovative thinking into day-to-day learning, and have been found to increase students’ social and emotional skills and competencies, including teamwork, confidence, communication, and leadership.  More »


PSEA members speak up for schools at the state Capitol

PSEA Advocates for Children and Education (ACEs), Building Action Coordinators (BACs), and Local Presidents visited legislators' offices to talk with them about school funding, school employee pensions, and other proposed legislation that impacts schools and students across the state.   More »


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